My Favorite Products for Babies and Kids

Let’s be real: there are a MILLION baby products on the market these days. And, after two kids, I could easily devote an entire post on what NOT to buy because there is so much stuff out there that you just don’t need (PSA: if you’re pregnant or thinking about having kids, don’t buy every single thing recommended to you like I did because you WILL realize that you need a hell of a lot less than people tell you, ha).

Because I know a ton of you don’t have the time to scour magazines and the internet for the best products for little one’s ages 0-5 years old, I did the guesswork for you. The products below are some of the most game-changing items on the market – I highly recommend buying them or including them on your registry. And don’t worry, this isn’t an ad – I’ve actually used every single item on this list so I can attest to each one of them being amazing.

Newborn and baby Must Haves:

1. Ollie Swaddle || 2. Snuggle Me || 3. Life Factory Bottles || 4. Sweet Tooth Teether || 5. Disposable Baby Bags || 6. Portable Sound Machine || 7. Dohm Sound Machine || 8. Baby Food Mill || 9. Bumbo Seat || 10. Pacifier Clip || 11. Teething Rattle || 12. Jumper || 13. Bear Baby Helmet || 14. Diffuser || 15. Beach Wrap || 16. Beach Tote || 17. Infant Car Seat || 18. Stroller || 19. Umbrella Stroller || 20. Skateboard Attachment || 21. Baby Pool || 22. Baby Floatie

Toddler-5 years old must Haves:

1. Balance Bike  || 2. Bike Seat || 3. Okay To Wake Clock || 4. Yumbox Lunch Box || 5. Kids Plates  || 6. Placemats || 7. Plastic Tumblers || 8.  Water Bottle || 9. Backpack || 10. Humidifier || 11. Pool Wrap || 12. Wagon ||
13. Car Seat

Is there anything you love that I missed? Share the item(s) with me in the comment section below!

I’m Erika and I live in the heart of wine country, Sonoma County with my high school sweetheart Mark and I’m a mama to two little cuties

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