Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, loves! Today is by far my favorite holiday of the year. While I love getting together with family and friends and eating my heart out, one of my favorite parts of this day is being surrounded by the people I love most.

And with everything that has happened in the last few weeks, I can’t help but get extra sentimental when I think of the two people I love more than anything – my boys. Austin and Mark, I am so grateful for you two, and feel blessed everyday to have you both in my life. I cannot wait to spend more quality time with you now that I won’t be traveling so much for work, and am excited to see what this year holds for our little family. 

Last but definitely not least, I know I’ve said this a lot lately, but I am also grateful for each and every one of you. This space gives me life. It feeds my soul in more ways than one, and the fact that I can now (finally!) call Whiskey & Lace my full-time JOB (AHHH!) is a major pinch-me moment. 

Again, thank you all for giving me something to be grateful for. I hope you have a lovely, yummy, fun Thanksgiving with friends and family.


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I’m Erika and I live in the heart of wine country, Sonoma County with my high school sweetheart Mark and I’m a mama to two little cuties

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