Soma Bra Review: The Only Three Bras You’ll Ever Want to Wear

soma bra review

Is there anything more annoying than going bra shopping? I swear that every time I’ve had to try on bras, I always end up feeling frustrated and like I wasted a bunch of time. I have also never met someone who looks forward to trying on bras, and truthfully, I don’t know any women who rave about the bras they wear either.

With all that being said, if you follow me on Instagram then you likely know I’m totally obsessed with my go-to bra. But don’t get me wrong—finding the perfect everyday bra was not an easy task.

I definitely am someone who has been *blessed* in the chest, and after having two kids, I need a bra that offers support and coverage. Unfortunately, I have found that while there are lots of bras out there that offer high support, they usually aren’t comfortable. I mean let’s be real, the last thing any of us want is a wire digging into our side all day.

If you’re in a similar boat and have yet to find a bra that’s perfect for everyday wear, you’re in the right place. Since I’m an open book (and I don’t want to gate-keep these bras from you) I’m sharing my honest Soma bra review here.

Whether you have a fuller chest or you simply need a comfy recommendation, there’s certainly a bra option in here for you.

Soma Bra Review

Soma Enbliss Wireless Bra

Let’s start with the bra that I wear all the time—the Soma Enbliss Wireless Bra. I have shared this bra on my Instagram many, many times and whenever I do, people always tell me how grateful they are that I posted the link.

If I had to recommend one bra for every gal out there, this one would definitely be it. It’s insanely comfortable and fits like a glove, hitting you in all the right places.

soma enbliss wireless bra


In my opinion, most bras are on the pricier side of things, especially those from higher quality brands. However, if you consider the fact that you’ll be wearing it almost daily, spending a bit more than usual on a bra is well worth it.

This one is priced right at $50, which I feel is pretty average and reasonable. Soma does have sales somewhat often, so if you’re looking for a deal, it might be worth checking back to see when they have an offer running.


This specific bra is made with a higher percentage of spandex (28%), which is partially why it’s so comfy. The brand claims that the fit “feels like wearing nothing” and while it might sound too good to be true, I can confirm that it’s an accurate description.

You really could wear this bra underneath any type of top, whether you’re throwing on a sweater or a basic white t-shirt.

Also, the material that this bra is made with is sooooo soft. It’s seriously so cozy that you’ll forget you even have it on. No more running home to unhook your bra at the end of the day—this one can stay on even when you’re just lounging around.


Did I mention that this bra is wireless? If you hate the feeling of wires jabbing against your body all day (who doesn’t?) then this is a must-try. I feel like many women think that by going with a wireless bra, they’re skimping out on support or coverage, but that just isn’t the case. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with how much support this bra offers—no wires needed.

As far as fit goes, this bra sits really smoothly (like I said above, it works well under a basic t-shirt) and I love that it has just the right amount of padding. The brand calls the padding “Cloud-soft support.” It’s available in cup sizes A through DDD.

Another perk: the hook-and-eye closure is slightly padded so it doesn’t irritate your back when you’re leaning against something. I swear it’s the little details like this that make this specific bra such a standout.

Soma Enbliss Wireless Strapless Bra

As if finding a bra that fits well wasn’t a big enough struggle, add in the need for a strapless bra and things can get even more challenging.

Strapless bras are notorious for slipping down and sliding out of place throughout the day, and it really is no fun to be pulling one up while you’re out in public. The good news? This one actually stays put without being too restrictive or tight.

soma enbliss wireless stay put multi-way strapless bra


Again, all of Soma’s bras are moderately priced in my opinion. You honestly just get what you pay for when it comes to bras, so investing a little bit is worth it. Also, I only ever wear the three bras I listed in this post, so it’s not like you need to have ten of these on hand.

This bra can be worn several different ways, so you’re really getting multiple bras in one. You can wear it as a strapless, halter, crisscross back, traditional, and one shoulder bra, so the $62 price point isn’t too bad.


Made with soft-brush fabric and a wireless design, this is another bra that Soma notes is so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing it. It comes in five classic color options, including nude, black, and light pink. And similar to the other bras I’m sharing here, this one is also made with spandex.


One thing I really love about this bra is that the cups have a slight contour design. This makes it so your natural shape is supported without the need for a ton of padding (or wires.) It’s fully lined and has exposed spandex detailing which helps the bra stay put.

This bra is available in cup sizes A through G!

Soma Embraceable Perfect Coverage Bra

Last but certainly not least, let me introduce you to the Soma Embraceable Perfect Coverage Bra. This is another good option for day to day wear. It does have an underwire design but I promise it’s ultra-plush and doesn’t dig into your skin.

It also has a seamless silhouette and is just as soft and comfy as the other two bras I shared above.

soma embraceable perfect coverage bra


At just under $50, this bra is right within the same price points as the strapless bra and the wireless bra. It also comes in ten colors and a flower print option, meaning you could easily have a couple of these while still achieving a different look.


This bra is made with the smallest amount of spandex of the three bras in this post, but you honestly would never be able to tell. It’s designed with microfiber fabric and super-soft elastic.


The back of the Perfect Coverage Bra has a ballet design, which I have found to be the perfect style to wear with most of the shirts and dresses that I own. I also am a big fan of the no-slip straps.

If you’re someone who likes underwire bras but have had a hard time finding one that’s comfortable, I’d highly suggest giving this one a whirl. Don’t be afraid of underwire—when done right, it’s not so bad!

Also, I’ll let these additional reviews from the Soma website speak for themselves:

“I was a little hesitant to buy a bra in this style because sometimes the straps will dig into my shoulders. However, I have not had that issue with this one at all.”

“I’ve been wearing these for around a year now and I love them. Comfortable, supportive, looks great on—everything I want them to be.”

“Soft fabric, comfortable, and well constructed without being too rigid. Wears and washes incredibly well.”

I hope this review helps you find a bra that will work for your body type! I really can’t recommend these three picks enough and wanted to share my honest Soma bra review to encourage you to give these a try.

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