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Call me weird but I always find it fascinating what people stock their fridge with. Some would call me OCD when it comes to the way I stock mine. I hate to admit it but honestly one of my biggest pet peeves is when I open up my fridge and there is something other than drinks on the top shelf (OCD is real over here). For me, organizing my fridge in a certain way makes shopping easy because I can plainly see what we are out of. You will notice that there is a mix of baby friendly snacks, easy on the go items, and adult beverages of course! Here is a list of some of my very favorite items, you will notice that I try and buy organic wherever I can, I am a bit of a freak when it comes to this but honestly to each there own, I just prefer organic if I can.

Top Shelf (Left to right)

Energy Fruits: I have fallen in love with these! They are such an easy snack for Austin or myself and have such great ingredients. I personally like these better than most baby pouches because you find them in the refrigerator section at Whole Foods so I feel like they are fresher than the shelf pouches.

Harmless Coconut Water: Probably our family favorite item in the fridge (besides the wine of course!)! I did an immense amount of research on the best coconut water on the market and I can hands down say this is it!

Izze Sparking Soda’s: I like to keep a few non-alcoholic beverages that adults would enjoy for when company comes by.

Organic Apple Juice: A favorite amoungst all my nieces and nephews!

So Delicious Hazelnut Coffee Creamer: I LOVE the hazelnut flavor this adds to my morning cup of coffee, you have to try this stuff out!

New Barn Organic Almond Milk: I love to use almond milk for granola or in my smoothies and this brand is definitely my favorite!

Straus Family Organic Milk: Mark isn’t a fan of almond milk, he likes the good old-fashion cows milk so I buy him this stuff!

Second Shelf From Top (Left to right)

Stonyfield Organic 100% Grassfed Yogurt: If you are in search for the best yogurt you have got to try this stuff! I love how even the flavored options are low in sugar and aren’t too sweet. I also love the fact that this yogurt is from grassfed cows. You get so many omega 3 benefits from grassfed cows product!

Santa Cruz Organic Applesauce: A favorite for not just Austin but for Mark and I! This is such a yummy treat!

Organic Emerald Valley Salsa: I love this salsa and get it in the mild! So yummy as a snack with your favorite tortilla chips!

Whole Foods Hummus: If I let Austin he would eat this entire container in one sitting. He is a hummus FREAK and I don’t blame him!

Organic Eggs: We go through eggs like nobodies business around here! It’s a breakfast staple!

Bottom Shelf (Left to right)

Dave’s Killer Bread: I love this bread because it comes in small slice options!

Strawberry Jam: I will add a little teaspoon of strawberry jam to my plain yogurt in the morning so I can control how sweet it is!

Claussen DILL pickles: Alright, a fun fact for you…I am obsessed with pickles but they have to be Claussen!

Whole Foods On The Go Snack: Not all Whole Foods offers these but any time I have to travel or we take a long road trip I grab these on the go snack packs. They are all different but the one I usually go for have turkey, cheese, crackers, and grapes.

Organic Strawberries: Love that this is the time of year for fresh, sweet strawberries! So yummy!

Drawers: Simply put, I use the left drawer for my veggies and the right drawer for all my fruits

Deli Drawer: I like to call this the yummy drawer! I always like to keep gourmet cheeses on hand in case unexpected guests come by and I need a quick app to pull together. These pre-sliced cheeses are Austin’s favorite! I also buy pre diced ham that we throw into Austin’s scrambled eggs in the morning!

Doors: Mark and I are obsessed with condiments! We just can’t get enough From pepperoncinis to capers we have it all! Oh and we have to ALWAYS have Pellegrino on hand! Mark and I will add fresh squeezed lemon or lime to our glass of Pellegrino for a refreshing drink! Oh and last but certainly not least, you will always find a bottle of Chardonnay chilling in my fridge, for obvious reasons!


I’m Erika and I live in the heart of wine country, Sonoma County with my high school sweetheart Mark and I’m a mama to two little cuties

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  1. 8.10.16
    Katie said:

    Erika your fridge looks awesome! It doesn’t surprise be to see Austin head first in the fridge!! Lol

    • 8.11.16

      Lol! I know right?!? He eats all day, every day!! xo