#Kidsflyfree + #GetToGoDance with Frontier Airlines

Have you been wanting to take a family vacation but find that the cost to travel is a little out of your budget? I hear ya – and so does Frontier Airlines. Frontier Airlines is the perfect budget-friendly AND family friendly airline in my opinion. In fact, their philosophy is Low Fares Done Right…and what’s not to love about that?

Mark and I have always loved traveling. And that hasn’t changed since we had kids. Austin is finally at an age where he can sit still on a flight, however with Charlotte, things are a little more challenging. That said, when choosing an airline to fly on, we’re always on the hunt for one that is not only safe and reliable, but family friendly, too. And Frontier Airlines is all that and then some.

Because I love Frontier so much, I’m super-excited to announce a new sweepstake they’re currently offering. And it’s something Austin (and other kids out there would LOVE!). Want to know the prize? Thought so:

One Grand Prize winner will receive:

  • 4 Round Trip Tickets to Orlando, Florida.
  •  A 4-Night Stay at Legoland
  • A 5-Day Car rental
  •  One Discount Den membership (which gives you exclusive access for Frontier Airline’s lowest fares and more fun stuff!)

Plus, one second place winner will receive a $500 flight voucher and a Discount Den membership (to learn more about Frontier Airline’s Discount Den membership perks, click here).

Are you as excited about this as our family is? What an amazing family vacation! Ready to enter? That’s simple, too. Here’s how to enter to win:

Step 1: Get your camera ready!

Step 2: Tell your kid they can now fly free on Frontier Airlines.

Step 3: Take a video showcasing your kids BEST celebratory dance moves! Oh – and make ‘em extra fun!

Step 4: Upload your video using this link for your chance to win.

Step 5: Share your entry on social media with #GetToGoDance and tag @flyfrontier.

And that’s it. A silly way to get your kiddos moving and shaking – for fun and a potential incredible prize the entire family will love. If you need some inspo, check out this link to see how other families entered to win.
  Are you planning on entering? I don’t think there would be anything cooler than if one of MY very own readers wins this grand prize. I’ll also admit that I’m going to be checking out these crazy dance videos on the regular – they’re going to be so cute and fun. So come on, ladies – get creative, get your kids excited about Frontier Airlines KIDS FLY FREE offer* and make your family vacation dreams come true (*limited to kids 14 years old or younger, restrictions apply!). I know this is something our family would absolutely love to do, so I’m pretty sure most of your little ones will feel the same way.

Are you going to enter this easy and fun sweepstakes? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section below. You know I’ll write back!

This post is sponsored by Frontier Airlines, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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