The Best Swimsuits for Big Busts

best swimsuits for big busts

Finding the ideal swimsuit for a big bust can be a challenge, but I’m here to help! After many attempts at finding the right fit for my own body, I think I’ve officially mastered everything you need to know. When searching for swimsuits for larger busts, prioritizing support and comfort is key (because who would want to wear an uncomfortable swimsuit?!)

Look for swimsuits with a quality stretch fabric or molded cups to provide ample support and shape to your bust. These features will not only lift and define your big boobs, but will also offer a secure and comfy fit.

Another tried-and-true tip: Opt for styles with wider straps or halter necklines to help with support and prevent discomfort. The thicker straps can also help you stop worrying about wardrobe malfunctions so you can focus on relaxation and fun.

When it comes to styles, consider swimsuits with fuller coverage cups and definitely avoid those flimsy triangle tops or bandeau styles, as they often lack the support needed for those who are blessed in the chest. Brands like SummerSalt, Free People, and Show Me Your Mumu all carry a good selection of swimsuits for big boobs, and they offer a wide range of sizes and styles to suit every taste.

With all that being said, I put together a list of some of the best swimsuits for big busts to help you find the perfect fit and make you feel confident all summer long. Happy shopping!

Best Swimsuits for Big Busts

Best One Piece Swimsuits for Big Busts

best one piece swimsuits for big busts

Much to my surprise, some of the most flattering swimsuits for large busts that I’ve personally come across are one piece swimsuits. There’s a variety of different styles of one piece bathing suits that you could choose from, but a few of my favorites include a one shoulder style, a tie strap one piece, a wrap front design, and of course a classic one piece.

Tie Strap One Pieces

A tie strap option allows for customizable adjustments to cater to your bust size. In addition to a more personalized fit, tie strap one pieces also add a feminine touch to your poolside look.

Wrap Front One Pieces

On a similar note, a wrap front bathing suit is never a bad idea as it also offers an adjustable fit and added support. I love the look of wrap style swimsuits, and they’re so comfortable to keep on for all-day wear. Another perk: Wrap style suits can double up as a bodysuit/top if you throw on some denim shorts after you’re done at the beach or pool.

Classic One Piece

The timeless simplicity of a classic fitting one piece will always be a reliable choice and it’s versatile enough for any occasion (I’m thinking those pool party to hotel happy hour days). Just throw on a coverup and head out for some apps and cocktails!

Regardless of the fit you land on, these options all offer a blend of style and functionality for big busts.

Cutout One Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit

cut out one shoulder one piece

Bow Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit

bow shoulder one piece swimsuit

Ruched One Piece Swimsuit

white one piece swimsuit with bow tie straps

Striped One Piece Swimsuit

yellow and white striped one piece swimsuit

Solid Ribbed One Piece Swimsuit

solid black ribbed one piece swimsuit

Coral One Piece Swimsuit

coral one piece swimsuit with thick straps

Wrap One Piece Swimsuit

blue wrap style one piece swimsuit

Scrunch Fabric One Piece Swimsuit

pink scrunch one piece swimsuit
red one piece swimsuit with denim shorts

Best Bikinis for Big Busts

As I mentioned above, finding a good bikini top for a big bust can be tricky (it’s almost as painful as finding the perfect bra.) The best tip here is to opt for styles with wide straps or a halter neck tie to really ensure that your bust is well-supported and allows you to move freely without worry.

Wide Strap Bikini Top

This probably goes without saying but choosing a bikini top that has thin straps is just not going to fly when you have a full chest. And I know that strapless swimsuits are insanely cute, but they just aren’t practical. That’s where wide strap bikini tops come in (and no, they don’t have to look old lady-ish!) Wide strap bikinis provide better lift and support—and they’re much less likely to slip off your shoulder.

Halter Neck Bikini Top

Another smart style to reach for is a halter neck bikini top. I love these because they not only look cute, but they generally stay put throughout the day and limit the risk of anything popping out of place. Also, I’ve found that halter bikini tops are easy to adjust for a more custom fit.

Cross Back Bikini Top

Again, triangle and bandeau style options are just not in the cards when you have big boobs (annoying, I know.) But, cross back bikini tops offer a more unique look than traditional swimwear while still maintaining a sense of practicality.

Pro tip: If you like the look of thinner straps but have a hard time finding the right fit for your bigger bust, just make sure that those straps are adjustable! I promise it will make a world of difference being able to customize the fit of your straps.

Cross Back Bikini Top

black and white striped criss cross back bikini top

Ruched Strap Bikini Top

black bikini top

High Rise Bikini Bottom

black high rise bikini bottoms

Metallic Stripe Bikini Top

metallic striped bikini top

Metallic Stripe Bikini Bottom

metallic stripe bikini bottoms

Double Stripe Bikini Top

black and white striped bikini top

Double Stripe Bikini Bottom

black and white striped bikini bottoms

Palm Leaf Bikini Top

palm leaf print bikini top

Palm Leaf Bikini Bottom

palm leaf print bikini bottoms

Sand Color Bikini Top

halted neck style bikini top

Black and White Bikini Top

black and white bikini top

Black and White Bikini Bottom

black and white bikini bottoms

My Favorite Swim Accessories

swimsuits for big busts - one pieces with swim accessories
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