Build With Ferguson Review: Adding the Finishes Touches to Your Renovation

I think most people would agree that the best part of a renovation is adding the finishing touches. It really is an amazing feeling to see your vision come to life. Plus, while living in what’s practically a construction zone, finding all of the finishes to complete your space is one of the best ways to boost your mood.

If you’re passionate about interior design like I am, then you probably love choosing your appliances and adding the final details to a space. However, narrowing down your choices and actually ordering products can also be stressful. There are endless websites to choose from, and it can be tricky to know if you’re choosing a reliable supplier. Add in the crazy shipping delays and other supply chain issues going on, and you likely won’t know if your products will even arrive within a reasonable time. Something that should be fun and exciting can turn into something tedious very quickly. That’s where Build with Ferguson comes in.

When designing our kitchen for our new home, we used Build with Ferguson for all of our finishes. They have everything you need for every room of your home from faucets and bathtubs to appliances and flooring. They have the best selection including trending and traditional styles, unique finishes, and new technologies, all at super impressive price points. You can find everything you need to carry your personal style throughout your home.

When working on our kitchen renovation, I knew right when I saw this faucet that it was the one for me. It went perfectly with all of our finishes. The touch of gold adds the perfect amount of femininity without being over the top. It has just the right blend of traditional and modern style that goes amazingly with the rest of our kitchen.

When we ordered from Build with Ferguson, it told us the exact day it would ship from the warehouse. You can see real-time stock of the items and know when the product will get to your doorstep. They have dedicated showroom consultants available to help streamline orders, delivery, quotes, and coordinating for all projects big or small. This ensures that their products really do arrive when you need them!

To compliment our main sink, our island sink has this faucet by Delta. It has the same finish with a streamlined look to blend seamlessly into our island. I love the way the gold pops against our countertops! The functionality is also just incredible. Being able to have multiple wash and cutting stations has completely changed the way I prepare large meals for my family.

Next up is what I consider one of the best features in my kitchen: my pot filler. When deciding whether or not to get one, I wasn’t sure how often it would get used, and didn’t want to spend money on something that wasn’t worth it. We decided to pull the trigger, and when I saw it installed with our backsplash, I knew we had made the best choice.

The vintage vibes go amazing with the tile we chose and its functionality has been unreal. I am sure that most moms agree with me that filling up a heavy pot with water and then carrying it from the sink to the stove while trying not to knock over a toddler is one of the most challenging things about making dinner. Let me tell you, taking this step out is life changing. Plus, it honestly just looks gorgeous.

If you’re on the fence, Ferguson has product experts to help you find exactly what you need available in person, on the phone, email, or chat 7 days a week – for free! They can help you source products that are the best choice for your next project.

I know that when choosing products for your renovation, budget can play a huge role in what you end up putting into your home. It can be hard to find the right balance between quality and budget. If you’re working with a contractor, Ferguson offers professional exclusive pricing on the best selection of products. You also can’t beat their customer service and reliability. You can find all of our pieces from Build with Ferguson here.

Have you ever used Build with Ferguson? We have had such an amazing experience purchasing our finishes and I’m so thrilled to be able to recommend them to you all. Happy renovating!

Hi! I’m Erika and I live in Sonoma County with my high school sweetheart and two kids. Follow along to find home inspiration, delicious recipes, and the inside scoop on all things wine country.

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