Merit Makeup Review: My Simple Yet Glowy Everyday Makeup Routine

merit makeup review

I don’t know about you but I personally don’t love to spend a ton of time doing my makeup on a daily basis. I opt for natural, easy-to-put-together looks that will hold up well throughout the day—and that’s where Merit makeup comes in.

99% of the makeup that I use on a regular basis is from Merit. I have honestly loved just about every product I’ve tried from this brand and think it’s such a good go-to for busy gals or for those who want a high quality yet affordable makeup look.

Also, Merit makeup products feel soooo luxurious yet they don’t break the bank. They’re easy to apply, don’t smudge or crease throughout the day, and they’re a cleaner option when compared to other makeup brands—a triple win in my book!

Here, I’m sharing my honest Merit makeup review as well as my everyday routine so you can easily replicate this look.

Oh, and an added perk? Applying all of these products only takes me about 10 minutes!

Merit Makeup Review

Great Skin Instant Glow Serum

After washing my face in the morning, I always apply this Instant Glow Serum. Just a small pump or two is enough to leave your skin super glowy and hydrated. I have also found that applying this before makeup is a fool-proof way to make sure it applies evenly and smoothly.

Once my skin has soaked this serum up, I just put on a bit of tinted moisturizer then finish off with the rest of my routine below.

Minimalist Perfecting Concealer Stick

Let’s be real for a second….who doesn’t have problem areas on their skin? Whether you’re dealing with dark spots, melasma, or hyperpigmentation, I promise that this concealer stick will be your new BFF. It’s really soft and lightweight despite its ability to cover up marks.

Another perk is that it’s easy to blend and doesn’t crease as you go about your day. Overall, this would be a good concealer to add to your makeup bag if you have any skin concerns that you want to cover up (or even for dark circles under your eyes!)

merit makeup minimalist perfecting concealer stick

Bronze Balm Sheer Bronzer

This Bronze Balm is definitely one of my top three favorite Merit products. If you’re new to using bronzer or if you’re just starting to dabble in contouring your face, this is a great find to have in your lineup.

I use a small amount of it on the sides of my face, cheekbones, the tip of my nose, along my jawline, etc. It leaves me with a healthy and natural bronzed look. It also scores bonus points because it doesn’t have a cakey consistency like so many bronzers do, and it makes my skin look dewy.

merit makeup bronze balm sheer bronzer

Flush Balm Cheek Color

I don’t know about you but there’s something about wearing blush that just makes me feel more put together. Plus, during the winter, my skin could really use a touch of color.

This blush is insanely pretty and I love the simple pink color (I use the Stockholm shade.) Just as you would with any blush, I apply a little bit to the apples of my cheeks and then blend it in with my fingertips.

I will say that this product in particular is really pigmented, so start small and remember that a little bit goes a long way.

merit makeup flush balm cheek color

Day Glow Highlighting Balm

If makeup trends have taught us anything in recent years it’s that the more glowy you look, the better. I add this Highlighting Balm to my cheekbones, underneath my eyebrows, above my lips, etc. and it offers me such an effortless yet feminine look.

You could use this balm pretty much anywhere on your face (and at any point in your makeup routine) and it would look pretty. It’s just as nice to use on an everyday basis as it is for special events.

merit makeup day glow highlighting balm

Clean Lash Lengthening Mascara

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: This is hands-down the best mascara on the market. It goes on so smoothly and it doesn’t clump (even if you apply multiple coats.) It’s one of my holy grail products and I have yet to find a mascara that lives up to this one.

merit makeup clean lash lengthening mascara

Solo Shadow Eyeshadow

I have shared this eyeshadow a couple times before and still stand by my claim that it’s one of the most loved items in my makeup bag.

When I apply it, I have noticed that it’s super buildable and I like that it’s a cream to powder formula. It also comes in a ton of colors and is a really attainable price point.

merit makeup solo shadow eyeshadow

Blending Brush

A solid makeup routine would be hard to achieve without some quality brushes. However, I honestly don’t feel like you have to spend a ton of money on makeup brushes in order to achieve a good end result.

This blending brush is only $32 and has held up so well since I got it. It’s also multi-purpose since you could easily use it for everything from foundation and blush to bronzer and highlighter—the choice is yours!

merit makeup blending brush

Eyeshadow Brush

Another good item to have on hand is this eyeshadow brush, which is double sided and the perfect size for applying shadows. This one is also a major score since it’s priced at just $20.

merit makeup eyeshadow brush
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