The Easiest Homemade Margarita Recipe

homemade margarita recipe

I swear this is the easiest fuc*ing way to make a pitcher of margaritas — and they always turn out soooo well. Another perk is that there are literally only four ingredients total and the cocktail comes together in under 5 minutes! It’s perfect to have in your back pocket for last-minute get togethers or when you’re hosting a crowd.

At the bottom of this post, I’m also rounding up some cute cocktail glasses that would work well for margaritas or any other cocktails you like! If you need a thoughtful hostess gift for an upcoming party or event, whip up a batch of margaritas and gift some of these glasses. So easy yet unique!

Without further ado, here is how to make the easiest and most delicious homemade margarita recipe. Be sure to share this recipe with any other margarita lovers you know — happy hour has officially started!

My Homemade Margarita Recipe


  • 10 to 12 limes, quartered
  • 1/2 cup of agave or sugar
  • 4 cups water (roughly)
  • 1.5 oz of tequila


  1. Place the quartered limes in your blender until it’s halfway full.
  2. Pour the water in the blender until the limes are covered, then add the agave.
  3. Important: Pulse your blender about four times. Don’t blend and don’t pulse too much or it will become bitter.
  4. Strain the limes and juice into a pitcher.
  5. Add ice to your cocktail glass and salt the rim.
  6. Add the tequila and then top with the mix. Stir and serve!

You may also serve this mix with rum instead of tequila if you prefer! Just be prepared to never buy store bought margarita mix again — I love knowing exactly what ingredients are going into my mix and I think it tastes so much more fresh when prepped this way.

homemade margarita recipe

The Best Margarita Cocktail Glasses

You can’t have a margarita without a cocktail glass (preferably one rimmed with salt). With so many cute glassware options out there, it can be overwhelming to pick. Here are some of my favorite glasses for margaritas — and any other drinks you like!

Cayman Glasses

homemade margarita recipe
Set of 4, $48

Rioja Glasses

homemade margarita recipe
Set of 6, $12 (such a steal!)

Hammered Drinking Glasses

homemade margarita recipe
Set of 4, $48

Alma Old-Fashioned Glass

homemade margarita recipe
$8 each

Glory Margarita Glass

homemade margarita recipe
$6 each

Cane Drinking Glasses

homemade margarita recipe
Set of 6, $71

Please leave a comment if you end up trying this homemade margarita recipe — I’d love to hear what you think!

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