20+ Neutral Bedroom Decor Ideas for a Clean and Simple Space

neutral bedroom decor ideas

Is there anything better than walking into your bedroom after a long day? I’d argue not.

Between crisp sheets, cozy pillows, and soft, welcoming light, there is so much to love when it comes to a master bedroom. Also, a hotel-like turndown service is part of my love language, and taking the few extra seconds to do that each night is soooo worth it (so this is your sign to try it out!)

Mark and I had a really clear vision on what we wanted our bedroom to look and feel like, and I’m happy to report that what we wanted totally came to life. If you’ve seen snippets of the rest of our house on my Instagram, you might have picked up on the fact that we love neutrals. That’s exactly the feel we wanted to carry through to our bedroom.

Since investing in bedroom furniture and decor can be quite costly, I’m so glad that we ended up with classic pieces that will age well. Everything we chose could also transition into other spaces if needed.

Whether you just moved into a new house or you’re giving your room a refresh, these neutral bedroom decor ideas will help you create a welcoming and timeless space, much like ours!

Neutral Bedroom Decor Ideas

Toulouse Upholstered Bed

If you happen to be in the market for a new bed frame, this is the exact one we have and love. It has such an understated look so it’s sure to be a long-term staple you’ll have in the mix.

pottery barn bed frame

Driftway Nightstand

Since nightstands serve as such a focal point in a master bedroom, I definitely think they’re worth investing in. Plus, nothing is more annoying that an unstable nightstand that moves around a lot. These are super similar to what we have and I love that they’d pair well with just about anything.

serena and lily nightstands

Rattan Ottoman Bench

I love having a little bench at the end of our bed. It not only adds some dimension to the room but it’s also a practical spot to sit and put on shoes.

rattan ottoman bench amazon

Signature Hemmed Sheets

I know that spending a lot of money on sheets and bedding might seem unnecessary but I swear that you can tell the difference in the quality. This is a set you’ll have for years to come.


Linen Duvet Set

There’s something about linen bedding that feels particularly cozy. This duvet set is made with the softest material that will keep you warm but not too hot (regardless of the season.)

linen duvet

Waffle Bed Blanket

A folded blanket at the edge of your bed will always look cute. Plus, it’s nice to have an extra layer handy in case you have a particularly cool night.

waffle knit blanket

Linen Lumbar Pillow Cover

This lumbar pillow cover was such a lucky find on Etsy. I’m obsessed with the linen fabric and think the fringe edge adds such a homey touch.

lumbar pillow cover linen

Chunky Knit Throw Blanket

Let’s be honest, you can never have too many throw blankets. Drape this one (which is under $50) along the bottom of your bed, set it on a bench, or fold it nicely in a basket.

knit throw blanket target

Faux Olive Tree

I really wish I could keep a real olive tree alive but a faux plant will have to do for now. This one looks so real and adds a nice dose of color, height, and texture to our space.

faux olive tree pottery barn

Abstract Framed Canvas

I know that it can take forever to decide what to hang on your bedroom walls, so if you’re stuck, I’d recommend going with something simple and neutral like this framed canvas.

framed canvas target

Textured Area Rug

A bedroom is instantly cozied up when you introduce an area rug into the space. This is an affordable option that will never go out of style.

area rug woven target

Resin Table Lamp

Every bedroom needs a couple of table lamps, and these are super cute! They also come in a dark gray color if you’re looking for something that pops a bit more.

nightstand table lamp target
neutral bedroom decor ideas

Nightstand Decor

The Art of Home Book

Similar to throw blankets, I also don’t think you can have too many coffee table (or nightstand) books. Opt for books that have pretty, neutral covers so things don’t start to look cluttered. Oh, and if you’re a Studio McGee fan, this book is a must!

coffee table book studio mcgee

Paper Mache Bowl

Don’t underestimate just how much small touches, like this beige bowl, can impact a space. By incorporating decor that’s in various shapes and sizes, you’ll add visual interest to the room.

decorative wooden bowl target

Bedside Water Carafe

Mark and I love to have a water carafe (this one is $20!) on our nightstand. Not only is it practical but it honestly makes you feel like you’re at a hotel.

water carafe for nightstand

Woven Coasters

How cute are these woven coasters? Stack them when they’re not in use and they double up as decor!

rattan coasters

Caning Picture Frame

I don’t like to go overkill on the picture frames because I think having too many of them can start to look messy. However, one or two photos never hurt.

rattan frame for nightstand

Linen Books

If you’re looking for a really simple way to fill out your space, try decorating with a stack of these linen books. They look so sophisticated and high-end yet they won’t break the bank.

books for nighstand

Digital Alarm Clock

Simply put, an alarm clock is a non-negotiable in every bedroom (and trust me, it’s so nice to wake up without looking at your phone first thing.)

alarm clock for nightstand

Marble Tray

A cute marble tray for setting a candle, a book, and any of your nighttime essentials.

marble tray nightstand

Knot Chain

I came across this little knotted chain on Amazon and thought it was really cute. You could set it on your dresser or on top of a stack of books.

knot chain decor amazon

Scented Candle

One fool-proof way to create cozy vibes is by lighting a scented candle. This one has been our recent go-to.

scented candle maison louis marie

Eat Drink Nap Book

Another bedside book that would compliment any space—place a few of them in between bookends to switch things up.

coffee table book amazon

Glass Vase

Last but not least, you can’t go wrong with a basic glass vase. I think this one would look nice on its own, but you could also place some faux stems or flowers inside.

clear vase
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