The Easiest Afternoon Snack (That’s Healthy Too!)

easy apple snack

This easy apple snack is always in rotation at my house. It’s sooooo ridiculously quick to put together and it doesn’t hurt that it’s healthy!

My kids also love this snack and I think it’s such a good go-to for after school. I swear that it satisfies both salt cravings and a sweet tooth — a win-win in my book.

Here’s how to put it together (the salt is what makes it!)

1. Wash and slice an apple.
While you can use any type of apple, my preference has always been pink lady.

easy apple snack

2. Spread almond and cashew butter on half of the apple.
This Ground Up Almond & Cashew Butter is expensive AF but, in my opinion, it’s totally worth it. It’s made by a woman-owned company based in Oregon and I find it at Whole Foods.

You can substitute this for peanut butter but there’s something about this almond butter specifically that tastes so good with the salt.

easy apple snack

3. Sprinkle on some maldon salt.
Maldon salt is a staple in my kitchen (I sprinkle it on top of other dishes and snacks, like bruschetta.) It has a thin and flaky consistency and it is SO good. It truly takes this snack to the next level.

easy apple snack

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